An Accelerated Website Launch Service for Entrepreneurs

NEW from Logicbrush Studios — are you an entrepreneur with a pressing vision for the next killer website, but you're not sure how to get it off the ground? Leverage our 20+ years of experience in designing, building and marketing web-based services to quickly, predictably, professionally and successfully launch your service.

Our LAUNCH @ Logicbrush Package is the ideal way to get your site up, into the hands of your customers, and making you money.


Prepare for an intense, eight-week sprint to ignite your vision.

We break down your product launch into four sequential stages, scheduled across an structured, eight-week timeline…

MVP Process

Week 1: Discovery

We begin in the Discovery stage, where we work with you to figure out what to build, and — more importantly — what not to build in the time available. Not everything can be done in eight weeks, so we help you ruthlessly prioritize to make sure the most important, most exciting, most lucrative features make it in on day one. To do that, we work to identify your most profitable customers and figure out how we can reach them, what will excite them, and what will make them yearn for more.

Weeks 2-3: Design

Next, in the Design stage, we begin to put together your plan for success. Your site needs to delight its users, and that requires a crafty combination of form and function. Through market research, experimentation, prototyping and more, we help define and refine the business model, audience and user experience. We pull this altogether in a detailed, though adaptable plan for your site's creation.

Weeks 4-7: Development

During the Development stage, your vision becomes real. Though an intense and iterative development process — where we prototype, evaluate, refine, revise, repeat, in rapid succession — we build and evolve your site. Daily updates through email and conference calls when needed keep you abreast of progress.

Week 8: Delivery

It's "go" time. The Delivery stage is where we wrap up remaining issues, run our cross checks and ready for liftoff. 3, 2, 1…

Hosting is included!

We'll run your site on our managed hosting platform for one full year, which includes performance monitoring, routine backups and monthly report to visualize your progress and help plan for the future. Based on the Amazon Web Services network, our hosting platform is designed for reliability, security and scalability.


Finally, we include a $5,000 credit towards marketing services.

Marketing is an essential ingredient in a successful launch. No matter how awesome your product is, you won't be able to show that to people unless you go out and get them. Sorry, "word of mouth" is not a strategy. :-(

What's the best method to bring in the crowds? Social media, content, pay-per-click? That will depend on your audience. But don't worry, we'll help you figure out the best way to reach them.

Launch @ Logicbrush Studios

A Complete Website Launch Solution
All for $25,000

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